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There are now 2 options for submitting a resident application. Option 1 below, is to print, fill out by hand, and mail in your application. Option 2 is to scroll on down the page, and fill out the online, fill in the blank version, and submit it online.

Please click on the button below to
download the resident application.

Applications can be mailed to us at

P.O. Box 3482, Palestine, Texas, 75802

or emailed to

*You may also fill out the "fill in the blank" form below if you prefer to submit online rather than printing and mailing it.

Rock Bottom Ranch
Online Resident Application
Do you have boyfriend?
Any pending court cases?
Are you currently incarcerated?
Are you willing to commit yourself to this program for a year?

Release of information:

I hereby authorize Rock Bottom Ranch to obtain any information pertaining to any charges, convictions, medical data and personal information. I also give Rock Bottom Ranch to gather information under any other name or alias on this form.

You will be informed of any decision that is made and will be provided with a letter for lawyer, judge, parole, etc.

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