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Kelly Tinley,
Executive Director

Kelly is one of the original founders of Rock Bottom Ranch. She has a bachelor's in psychology from the University of New Mexico and a Master's in social work from Arizona State University. She also has extensive experience in treatment center settings, working with addiction and mental health. Kelly is a Christian woman and recovering addict and is active in the recovery community.


Tesne Davis,
Spiritual Director

Tesne is a retired kindergarten teacher. For the past 20 years she has ministered to women in the Anderson County Jail, preaching and teaching God's Word.  Her hearts desire is to see women in the community set free from their addictive lifestyles.


Janice Staples,
Financial Manager

Janice worked for Anderson County for over 21 years. The last 15 years of that, she served as District Clerk. Being in that position she saw the huge recidivism rate among drug addicts and longed to be a part of something that helped to restore women, rather than punishing them with no positive outcome. She retired a couple of years ago, and joined the Rock Bottom Ranch Team this year. 


Marlana Nash,
Resident Advisor

Marlana graduated from Rock Bottom Ranch in December of 2021. She married her fiance, Richard, the following month before leaving the Ranch and they have both remained closely involved as volunteers and now we are blessed to have her on staff as well. Marlana is a shining example of what God can do with a surrendered vessel. She now has over 3 years clean and is truly a blessing.


Ginger Brown,
Director of Marketing

Ginger has worked in ministry since 2009. Having overcome a long-term addiction herself, she now has over 15 years clean and wrote a Christian devotional on freedom from addiction that she has been sending into prisons since 2010. She feels her life's purpose is to be a light that others can follow out of the depths and darkness of addiction.


Amy Byrd,
Resident Manager


Amy graduated from Rock Bottom Ranch in May of 2023. She then transitioned into the position of Resident Manager as well as being the Manager of our Sav Ur Dogs Services Program. She is also taking online college classes. We are very excited about everything God is doing in and through Amy!

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